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As the final year of high school unfolds, there’s an air of excitement and anticipation for what lies ahead. Amidst the flurry of activities, one timeless tradition stands out: senior portraits. These photographs immortalize the culmination of years of hard work and growth, capturing the essence of the individual as they stand on the cusp […]

Headshots are the simplest way to make an immediate connection with your audience showing your commit to provide a professional service and build the success of your business.

Your headshot is about your face. However, here are some guidelines to add a little punch to your headshot to make your face stand out and connect to your audience quickly.

Let’s be honest, preparing for a family session is stressful for families! I stress about my own photo shoot! So I try really, really hard to make the actual session LOTS OF FUN! I’ll direct your interaction and your poses. But we will do lots of fun things to get to the poses and capture a ton of photos in the process!

The Nashville Pedestrian Bridge is one of my favorite locations! Of course I love the skyline, but I love all the textures under the bridge as well at Cumberland Park – the white walls, textured walls, organic natural elements ….

Fashion Photography is basically a blend of everything that I love: clothes, photography, location and fun folks! It’s interesting to shift from focusing on a person to the wardrobe, though. Although wardrobe is always an element of a photograph and I love styling my clients, when the priority of the photograph is about the clothes, your perspective has to shift a little.

Columbia, TN is filled with lots of options for a great shoot location. We don’t need to go to a downtown area filled with people and traffic) to capture some urban elements. We use the streets and alleys to convey a great urban vibe. I love using stairs, railings and walls in the urban setting. Plus there’s NO CROWDS!

White is classic, clean, fresh and lovely. And it works because it’s simple. White doesn’t compete with what the essence of the photo which is YOU. White allows the eyes to sparkle and the skin to glow.

I’m pumped to announce that my photos are featured in OK! Magazine, edition 31, which hit the shelves this week!! I had the honor of photographing celebrity chefs, Maneet Chauhan and Judy Joo for an interview spread in the magazine. Maneet and her husband own four restaurants in Nashville: Tansuo, Chauhan Ale & Masala House, The Mockingbird and Chaatable Indian Street Food.

Every few years I get on the other side of the camera because I need my own photos! And I always learn an ton experiencing what you experience. This time around, I focused on my headshots with my photographer friend, Alex Alberg and here are some things I “learned”…


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