What to wear for your headshot

Let’s keep this simple – Your headshot is about your face. However, here are some guidelines to add a little punch to your headshot to make your face stand out and connect to your audience quickly. Make sure to check out my post on how your headshots will grow your business.

While we will capture photos that may include your torso and even full body, the primary goal is to capture a close-up professional, inviting photograph of your face. But here are some guidelines for your wardrobe. My standard headshoot session includes two outfits so you can have a variety of options. The mini session includes one outfit, but you can add-on additional outfits.

Consider your profession and personal branding. If you are a chef or a financial advisor, dress the part. Include your apron, suit or uniform.

What are the colors of your personal branding? You’ll be using this photo along side of your website, logo and other marketing pieces. Pull in some of those colors in your wardrobe. I love color – it conveys energy, passion and interest. Therefore, a colored blouse, earrings or even lipstick could be a great pop of color.

While I love color, I also do love a nice black option. Black allows you to sole focus on the face and makes the skin tone look healthy. Black also looks sleek, timeless, confident and experienced. Consider one color and one black option.

Are you an art teacher, a photographer or musical? Do you sell product? Would you like to include a prop or bling in you photograph to convey more of your personally? This allows your audience to immediately know your service. However, I recommend getting at least one photo without a prop.

Your shirt or top is the most important part of your wardrobe. For women, I suggest  a v-neck and short sleeves or long sleeves that we can push the sleeve to a 3/4 length. A v-neck typically lengthens the neck creating a more flattering photograph, however since this is a professional shot, definitely make sure the cut isn’t too low. You may feel better in a a different neck line, so that’s completely fine if it isn’t a v-neck.

While jackets look more professional and trailed, they may tend to be stiff. Women, choose a jacket that is light and flexible.

Solid colors and subtle patterns typically photograph better. You don’t want a loud pattern to compete with your branding. However, this is a guideline, so if you have a patterned piece that you feel like communicates your branding and personality, let’s include it.

For men and women, fitted clothes are more flattering because it shows your shape. Oversized clothes look boxy. Even if you feel like you bulge in a few places, I can pose and reshape you to hide those areas.

Women, if you are doing your own hair and make-up, this is a professional photograph, so take your time to do your hair and make-up. Make-up should be a little heavier than normal even if you want a natural look. I recommend hair to frame the face. I may pin up a side if it falls in your eyes. If your hair is longer than your chin, I recommend adding a little bend or curl instead of completely straight hair. I personally like medium or long hair to have little more volume.

I highly recommend professional hair and make-up. My stylists know how to make your features pop plus it relieves a lot of stress.

For actors: We will keep everything very clean and simple. I recommend black, white or a solid color that makes your eyes pop. We will only capture your face, so neckline is definitely important.

Try on everything before you come to the session.

Iron everything and use a lint roller. You may get dressed at the shoot to prevent wrinkles or lint on the way to the session.

For children: make sure you try on all outfits prior to the session so your child knows what to expect. I love the simplicity of a white, but solid colors on kids make their eyes pop. Hair and make-up prep is easy for kids: Wash their face, style their hair as they naturally would. The hardest part will probably be getting them to bush their teeth. Ha!

If you haven’t booked your headshot yet, let’s get it on the calendar today! Contact me to talk about the details.

Alright, you are ready to create stunning portrait which will allow people to know the face behind your service. Start planning now for all the ways you will use your headshot.




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