Hi! I'm Amelia Moore!
I am a Nashville-based photographer and have worked in photography since 2005. I am an award winning photographer and have been featured in People Magazine, OK! Magazine, Seniorologie and numerous other websites, however, my greatest accomplishment is working with over 50 families and businesses a year creating beautiful photographs. I absolutely LOVE creating photographs that reflect confidence and beauty.

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I’ve always been drawn to art and story. Growing up, I attended art camps, worked on homecoming floats and painted murals. In college, I landed on an art/ business major. Then I started my career in graphic design which led me to photography. And now in addition to my full-time photography business, my husband and I lead a non-profit, Athentikos, that facilitates creative arts camps in at-risk communities in Guatemala for the purpose of healing and self expression.

I love creating a customized service to capture your personality in a creative and timeless style. Fashion, cultures, textures and colors inspire me. Key moments that are great excuses for portraits can be high school graduation, a wedding, an anniversary gift, a milestone birthday or a family season. I also love working with businesses, big and small, to create visually stunning branding content. 
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Time to get a little deep here... I love that the word "photography" literally means "painting with light." I'm a light painter! The first step to creating a great photo is finding or creating amazing light. Then we add in YOU and MAGIC truly happens. There are lots of cliches about photography, but you realize the pure magic of this gift when documenting a birth or browsing through someone's photo collection at the time of their death. But the real magic is seeing how a photograph can truly transform a person's self image. This is a power I do not take lightly. While a photo shoot might only last 15 minutes (most actually last 2 hours)  and it only takes fractions of a second to capture a photo, I pour lots of time into preparing and editing your images to create stunning works of art for you to share in prints, frames and albums. These heirloom products will be enjoyed for generations. Let's  make magic, my friend!

Photography truly is magic. This power should not be taken lightly.

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