Why white is a great color to wear for your photoshoot

There are a few “color” options that look amazing on any skin tone and white is definitely at the top of the list!

White is classic, clean, fresh and lovely. And it works because it’s simple. White doesn’t compete with what the essence of the photo which is YOU. White allows the eyes to sparkle and the skin to glow.

As always, when choosing wardrobe pieces for a shoot, mix it up! So if you LOVE white (which always includes creams and light pinks) Just choose one white option!

When thinking of brand photography, what you are trying to communicate visually about your brand or service, white conveys confidence, invitation, comfort, clean, simple and peace. White is a great “color” to wear to give people a warm welcome and invite others to your brand.

While wardrobe selection is totally SUBJECTIVE and should be a reflection of who you are, there are a few guidelines that work for everyone! White is really one of those “colors” that works for everyone.

Here’s a few things to pair with white:

  1. A bold lip color or accessory!
  2. Black bottoms
  3. Jeans – keep it simple!

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