Location: Columbia, TN

Downtown Columbia is probably my favorite spot for a photo shoot! Columbia has a great downtown “square” area with several shops and cafes. It’s definitely worth checking out. Although I know anything south of Franklin kinda gets scoffed at, it’s totally worth the extra 20 minutes to venture down. AND it’s TOTALLY worth it for a photo shoot! Here’s what I LOVE about Columbia and why I’ll suggest it as a top spot:

THE TEXTURES!!! There’s a ton of older building with amazing textures from white walls to rustic blues.

URBAN ELEMENTS! We don’t need to go to a downtown area filled with people and traffic) to capture some urban elements. We use the streets and alleys to convey a great urban vibe. I love using stairs, railings and walls in the urban setting.Plus there’s NO CROWDS! Occasionally we may get a person or two that stops to watch what we are doing, but you’ll feel like a rock star when that happens.

WATER AND FIELDS! The Duck River and River park provides great organic spaces with greenery, fields and water. It’s a perfect location if you love the outdoors.

GARDENS! The Polk House has a gorgeous garden that is easy to access. If you’d like some flowers in your session, let me know and we can swing by these gardens.

COLOR and MORE! I always love color around downtown areas. I drive around to try to find new spots with color and note those as we look at your wardrobe.

PLUS! When you come to Columbia, check out Buck & Board, Pucketts and Muletown Coffee. And look for The Factory coming in 2020.




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