What to Expect: Family Fun!

Let’s be honest, preparing for a family session is stressful for families! I stress about my own photo shoot! So I try really, really hard to make the actual session LOTS OF FUN! I’ll direct your interaction and your poses. But we will do lots of fun things to get to the poses and capture a ton of photos in the process!

We may play with bubbles, hula hoops, puppies or jump rope. I’ll have kids make funny faces, tell jokes, tickle each other, dance, hug and squeeze. I may ask them to smile every now and then… but my hope is that we can capture some genuine smiles while they are having fun!

If your family enjoys doing something together, let’s incorporate that! Just let me know ahead of time. I’ll admit that it’s a little harder with the older kids & teens, but I like to get them involved too. Many times they will respond a little better for me since I’m not their parent … this is also true of my own kids… so sit back and let me direct them!




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