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What to Wear

555We will have time for approximately 3 outfits. Bring 5-6 options and we will help you narrow down your selections. I recommend:

1) A dress of course! Something that is fun and timeless. Bring spandex shorts to wear under your dress as you will be in a variety of poses.


2) A casual jean outfit. Something that represents you!


3) A fun outfit. Something with a little flair or that you absolutely love. This can be a skirt, shorts or another jean outfit.


Guidelines when picking our your outfits:

— Try to bring a variety of colors! Chances are you wardrobe pallet is made up of similar colors. Choose items of different colors!

— Don’t pick things that are too tight or too loose. Loose clothing is super comfy, but it will look even bigger in a photograph. And tight clothing will show “problem” areas even more.

— Bring shoes and accessories for your outfits. We will have some to add too.

— Include a prop or activity that is meaningful to you like golfing, your car, a musical instrument or special pet.

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