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People are always asking me for my recommendations on equipment & product, so here are some of my favorites. Starting with my online gallery site & fine art print lab: and

PRINTS & ALBUMS – Prints and just about any other product. You upload the photos, quickly make your selections and the order is shipped to you! It’s super easy.
– I LOVE making photo albums and books. Blurb has a great selection of quality albums. They also have layout templates and software so you can custom design your album.


The Body: People ask me all the time for camera recommendations. While I can provide you with some direction, I really only know my own equipment, but here’s a system I’ve used a little and can recommend:
Canon Rebel T2i or T3i. Get the body only and purchase a nicer lens. Both of these also come with image capture capability.

The Lens:SLR systems are fun because you can use a variety of lens! Really the quality of your image and the creative effect you can achieve is dependent on the quality of your lens. Top quality lens start around 1K, but there a few options around $400 that can fulfill a variety of needs. The 18-55 lens that comes standard with the body is about a $100 lens… so it’s real basic. I recommend getting a little better lens that gives you more versatility.

The Canon EOS 18-135 Zoom will give you more length/ zoom. Most people asking me for recommendations are parents and want to use their camera for two main purposes – to take photos of their kids in their environment and at sporting functions. When you are inside you need a “wide-angle” lens because the distance you can get from your subject by walls and furniture usually limits you. When you are at a sports event, you want something you can zoom in to so you can actually see your kid in the photo! So this range gives you a nice range for both purposes.

The Canon 85 mm f1.8 lens is a great portrait lens for under $500.

Purchase Product:

The Lens really makes the difference in quality! So I recommend saving up for a nice lens. Before buying one, rent one for a few days at:
or And here’s a great article on the basic features of the lens. (Thanks to my other photographer friend, Amelia, for sharing this informative link!)

TIPS & TUTORIALS – For any level of photography – Great for bigger DSLR


Here’s a list of what’s in my bag:

Canon 5D MarkIII Body
Canon 24-70 mm f2.8 Lens
Canon 100 mm f2.8 macro Lens
Canon 70-200 Lens
Canon 50 mm Lens — MY FAVORITE!!!
Canon 35 mm Lens
Expose Disc


Online Gallery System:

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