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Giving Back

While it is an extreme privilege to capture your life moments; it is a privilege to have resources to invest in global issues.Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to give back in this way. You will occasionally hear me talk about  Guatemala and our projects there. A percentage of the income generated from my photography business will be donated to work in Guatemala. My husband and I have adopted two boys from Guatemala and desire to invest in and tell the story of Guatemala. We founded a non-profit, Athentikos. Through the non-profit, we have produced two films and now organize mission trip focusing on using creative arts programs to impact at-risk communities.

Our first full-length documentary, Reparando is about Guatemala repairing itself after a 36-year civil war that ended in 1996. We released the second documentary in the spring of 2014, Becoming Fools. Becoming Fools focuses on people responding to the issue of homelessness in Guatemala.

Through the creative art camps, I AM ART, volunteers lead creative art workshop with at-risk kids. I’d love for you to either join us or support the program financially.  We are responsible for raising all the funding for the camps. You can send a kid to camp for $204 or $17 a month. Our goal for 2015 is raise funding to send 500 kids to an I AM ART camp. Here are a few videos of our camps!

Athentikos Art Camp 2011 from Athentikos on Vimeo.

Here are photos from our various work in Guatemala: