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How far in advance should I book my session?

I recommend 4-6 weeks prior. Of course I may have availability at anytime, so check in. But if you need a specific date, please book your session 4-6 of your date ESPECIALLY for weekends! I am very busy September-December, therefore, if you want photo during this time, check in with me in August. The mini-sessions fill up quickly, so once those are announced, make your reservation. To receive announcements about upcoming mini-sessions, sign up for my e-newsletter.

How can I receive information on your rates & book my session?
Please email me at amelia@ameliajmoore and I will send you information. Session rates are listed on the info pages.

Do you travel out of the Nashville area for shoots?
Occasionally. I have family in Dallas, Atlanta, Northern Virgina/ DC and Philly so I may try to book sessions while I am in town. I travel for a few weddings each year. Please send me your details.

What is your cancellation policy?
I’ve wrestled with this decision at lot! As a mom, I know how life can be unpredictable and I totally want to be flexible. However, since  I book a limited number of sessions a month and my schedule is also dependent on making child care, spouse and assistant arrangements, please be courteous of the need to reschedule. If your child is sick with a fever, head cold, a bad bruise or has stitches please consider keeping your session. ( I can “photoshop” out stitches and bruises.) If you child is vomiting, in the hospital or swollen-shut eyes we can reschedule your session. Again, I totally want to be understanding. I do require full payment at the time of booking your reservation. Therefore, if you need to cancel your session (excluding mini-sessions), you may reschedule without a cost, but I do not offer a refund. Mini-Sessions canceled with 48 hours will not receive a refund and may not be used towards a rescheduled session.

For weddings, my cancellation policy is a full refund minus your $500 retainer if the cancellation is received at least 6 weeks prior to the scheduled wedding.

Why do I need to sign a model release?
All clients must review the model release. The model release is for your protection. Simply it states that I can use your images for marketing purposes on my blog, website or printed material. I will not sell your images for editorial or commercial purposes. You do not have to sign the release form.

How often should I get my photo taken professionally?

Many of my clients have their kids & family photos taken 1-2 times a year. Kids grow sooooo quickly that it’s so important to capture them at their various stages! I’m not just saying this because I’m a photographer, but because I’m a mom of two growing boys!!

Couples should also get their photos taken every few years to document their relationship and phase in life. For this reason, I offer Embrace Session for couples at any stage. I have couples book this for their year anniversary to a couples who have been married almost 45 years! The session will be fun and sweet time for you to connect and of course have awesome images to share and remember.

I do offer Baby Plans. The Baby Plan comes with 3 sessions during the first 12 months. Babies change so quickly, so this gives you the opportunity to have his/ her photos taken at each milestone: infant, rolling over, sitting up, standing and walking. (These stages are typically scheduled at 1 week-old, 6 months & 12 months). My Baby Plans now include an album and an image disc; additional product offered separately. AND you can add-on a maternity or additional sessions as well.

Do you have a referral system?
YES!! Basically I rely on referrals! SO I need YOU to talk about and share your experience. TO SAY THANK YOU to my clients, I am excited to announce that I now offer credit for referrals! Here are the various rewards:
$10 for each Mini-Session booked
$25 for each Signature Portrait Session booked (includes Senior, Family & Artist)
$50 for each Baby Plan or Wedding Booked

So tell your friends and when they book their session I’ll ask them if someone referred them. You can use this credit towards product. Just pass along the word and I’ll keep record of your credit :)

How do you require payment?

The session fee may be paid online or with a check. Session fees are required to book a session.

For all  Signature & Mini Sessions: The $275 session fee is required to book photo session.The Signature Session Fee includes my time and talent; product is sold separately. Product order payment is due at the time of placing the order or may be divided into two payments for orders over $600.

For Baby Plans: a $750 deposit is due at the infant session; the remaining balance is divided into two payments due at the 6 month & 12 month sessions.

For Weddings: A $500 retainer is due to secure your date. Then the balance is divided into two payments: one due 4 months prior to your date and the final due one month prior to your wedding date.



I want to do more with my images (than post my images on facebook). What is your favorite product or idea?

Ahhhh….. my favorite question!! While I LOVE, LOVE seeing photos that I have taken on facebook and as your profile images, my desire is that you would approach your photo session with a vision of doing something specific with your images after your session. If you have an idea, please share it with me so that I can plan to shoot for a specific purpose. If you don’t have ideas, then I have lots!  My Signature Product Collection features ten of my favorite product options. Your photos need to be displayed and shared! My absolute favorite product is the Signature Album. I love albums because you can showcase a variety of beautiful photos and you will continue to look at the album for years to come.

How do I place my order?

You will receive a link to view your images online within 10 days of your photo session. You may place your order online or in person.  I offer The Signature Product Collection online. The Signature Product Collection is ten popular product options. Or we can meet in person to look over my full product collection and finalize your order together. I love to assist clients in designing their wall display and albums! And let’s face it, sometimes we all love a second opinion! So take me up on the offer!

 When will I receive my product order

Orders are typically delivered with 2-3 weeks after they are placed. Let me know if you have a specific date that you need your order and I will work hard to accommodate your request. For album orders,  I will pre-design your album based on your favorite photos. You will view and approve the layout online. The album is typically completed within one month of your approval date.

 How and when will I receive my digital image collection

The Digital Image Collections are edited, full resolution images. The digital images include a personal use rights so you may make prints and post the photos online. You will receive your digital image collection via an online digital download link within 2 weeks of your order.

What can I do with the digital images that I purchase?
The digital images come with personal use rights. Therefore you are free to post them online (please credit me at the photographer), make prints and enlargements at your convenience. The images are your personal copy, though.

Can I purchase product after my online gallery expires?
Yes, just email me. However, my schedule is typically pretty full therefore, I give you a deadline 1) because we all need deadlines 2) This allows me to keep up with my client orders and fulfill them in a timely manner. While I understand schedule conflict in setting aside time to make decisions about your images and product, please make every effort to respect the deadlines I outline. Typically the length of delivery is equal to the length of time it took for me to receive the order. In other words, “first come, first served.” Therefore if you took you 10 weeks to get me your order, expect about the same time for me to fulfill the order.

Also, I offer in person Design & Order Sessions. We can schedule a time to meet to plan and order your images and product. Please plan to do this within a month after your session. Scheduling an in person order session will help you to sit down to make a decision. And we all love second opinions! So I want to assist you in making a decision!



What is the “Signature Family Session”?

The Signature Family Session is ideal for clients wanting a full custom experience for the purpose of creating the ideal Wall Art Collection or heirloom family album! You get to pick the location and date of the photo session. I will make several location recommendations based on your style and interest. The Signature Session allows time for various family group photos, sibling groups and individuals. The Session typically lasts a little longer than an hour; therefore you will have time for two outfits for a family of 2-4 children. The session typically feels a little chaotic, but I’m used to that and want you and your children to have a great time. I receive compliments all the time about how much fun everyone had at their photo session! But even if your two-year old seems a bit uncooperative, I guarantee will still get some great smiles! I will capture a wide variety of beautiful photos of all your family. Wall Collections, Albums and The Mounted Print Collections are ideal products to showcase the variety of photographs!

What are “Mini-Sessions”?

I offer 30-minute mini-sessions on specific dates each quarter (several dates in the fall). Mini-sessions are ideal for annual or semi-annual family portraits. Space is limited, so make your reservation early. A session fee of $150 is due at the time of booking your appointment. Product is sold separately. Mini-sessions are a lot of fun! I incorporate themes to reflect the season and will offer one mini-session in my studio each year.

What is your rate for extended family sessions?

Extended family sessions & family events start at $750 which includes the session and the full event digital image collection. (Price may vary depending based on time.) Extended family sessions include extended family members like grandparents, uncles, cousins, etc. During this session I can photograph a large group, individual family units, family groups like siblings, cousins, etc. If you desire individual portraits, more time is required. Even though it’s an initial investment up front, if you paid for the session & images separately, it would be $950. That’s a $200 savings plus everyone gets a copy of the images!



What advice to you have for someone starting in the photography business?
Oh wow, a ton! Email me your specific questions  and we can get together. But here are basics:
1) Get connected to a great group of photographers. I have grown more through my relationship with them more than any class (after the basic class).

2) Photography Business  is 20% shooting and 80% business. Get training in both before launching your brand and service. Develop your brand, service and business plan before launching your business. There’s A LOT out there now about all this, so take advantage of photograph business resources in addition to skill-building.

3) Don’t under estimate the service you have to offer. By reducing your prices because you don’t feel confident in what you produce, you de-value the service for all photographers. If you don’t feel comfortable charging the “going rate” — offer your services for free to build your portfolio and skills. The client base you are building now is that one that you will have in 5-10 years. PLUS there is a TON of expenses in running a business even after you purchase your equipment.

4) Really track the time you put into your business and not just the time you are shooting; from developing a website (it took me an hour just to write this page) to financial decisions & recording keeping to education to editing, etc. Photography takes a lot of time :) I know that technically it only takes 1/60 of a second to capture a photograph, but on-average I spend about a days-worth of work on one session (from inquiry to product delivery with some business development).  Additionally, take time to set up (and revamp) your organization system. Photography can get out of control quickly!